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4 thoughts on “Feedback

  • frezzorworld

    Good day,

    As I read that with a certain amount of GlycOmega Plus tthevshipping is for free to The Netherlands but that will take some time before it is in The Netherlands. What other type of shipping you have with a fastervdelivery and the prices?


    Reinier Kraai

  • Wayne Love

    We can ship by courier, fast or standard. Fast would cost an extra $70.00 NZD or standard courier an extra $28.00 NZD for a 5 pack of Glycomega PLUS. Standard price with free shipping is $117.00 NZD for 5 pack.

  • Kenny Watson

    Hi, how much Apis Derma have you got? Their website seems to have been taken down, do they not exist anymore? Thanks.