Organic Wheat Grass Powder 200g



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Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Southern Synergy uses Claridges Organic  Barley and Wheat Leaf powders.

The Canterbury Plains, situated in New Zealand’s South Island, is the ideal place for growing grass and cereal crops. The alluvial soils are young and fertile, the irrigation water is fresh and pure, the atmosphere is clean and unpolluted and coupled with the high UV light, barley and wheat leaves grow deep green chlorophyll rich leaves.

Growing Barley and Wheat

Claridges Organic works exclusively with Harts Creek Farm to produce the quality barley and wheat leaf products required on the world market. Harts Creek Farm has been functioning as a certified organic unit for well over 20 years. The soils are hearty, healthy and mature after many years under a sustainable organic mixed cropping and stock regime. The health of the soil is transferred into the barley and wheat leaf products as shown by nutritional analysis. Barley Leaf Nutritional Analysis PDF, 142kb. Wheat Leaf Nutritional Analysis PDF, 157kb



Both barley and wheat leaves are dehydrated quickly (20-25 minutes) once they have been harvested. Dehydration takes the moisture level of the leaf down to below 4% where it becomes virtually impossible for microbiological life to survive for any length of time. Read more about the process of drying and powdering Green Barley PDF, 51kb


Milling into powder occurs as soon as the dried leaf comes out of the dehydrator.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner

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