GLycOmega-PLUS powder by Southern Deep – 250gm

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Product Description

GLycOmega-PLUS powder by Southern Deep. 250gm.

The benefits of GLycOmega-PLUS  by Southern Deep for Cats and Dogs are manifold. Many vets are now suggesting their owners give it to there pets after injuries and when they get arthritis. The product provides

• Significant antiinflammatory activity over steamed opened mussel meat powder.

• Significantly increases joint mobility and reduces pain levels.

• Stabilized with a natural botanical extract protecting the lipid and Omega-3 fraction.

• Natural pain relief without the side effects of arthritic drugs

Greenshell Mussel meat is one of the most sustainable omega-3 resources in the world which is a farmed resource.

Should you be looking for a high quality joint care product with proven benefits in both the human and veterinary market then

GLycOmega-PLUS is the natural choice.GIycOmega-PLUS is only processed from selected live greenshell mussel meat which are full of lipids and omega-3 fatty acids. This ensures only the highest quality mussel extract reaches our customers.

GLycOmega-PLUS is freeze dried at low temperatures ensuring all the bio-activity is optimized giving maximum anti-inflammatory activity. No steamed opened greenshell mussel meat is used in the production of GIycOmega-PLUS.

Dosage: Suggested dosage for different sized animals is on the label.



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