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Kolorex Candia Care Capsules contain a liquid extract of the leaves of Horopito, (Pseudowintera colorata), a New Zealand herb with a long history of traditional use. The main active in Horopito is polygodial, which has shown powerful activity in the laboratory. Independent in vitro studies have shown that Kolorex is probably more useful than Pau dArco or Olive Leaf Extract in helping your natural defences against candida.

New Zealands natural answer to fungal balance becomes even better!
New Liquid extract form of Kolorex displays increased efficacy and is preferred by consumers

Kolorex products supports a healthy balance of flora in the intestine and vaginal areas and use the unique properties of the native New Zealand herb, Horopito. For the first time ever, these properties are available in a capsule as a liquid extract of Active Horopito.
The human body naturally breaks down supplements into liquids that can be absorbed. Now, liquid-filled Kolorex Candia Care Capsules take advantage of this inherent fact.

Fungal imbalances or overgrowths affect an estimated 22 million Americans and can be caused by a number of triggers, including stress, the use of antibiotics and the American diet. Left untreated, this subtle fungus has the potential to result in death as it disrupts the bodys normal microflora balance.

Kolorex Advanced Candia Care uses a patented extraction technology to blend Active Horopito with virgin olive oil and non-genetically modified lecithin in a capsule to deliver gentle, more natural absorption to support a healthy balance of microflora.

Laboratory studies show Active Horopito is more useful than Pau dArco, oregano oil or olive leaf extract in helping the body restore its natural microflora balance.

Kolorex Advanced Candia Care is an easy to swallow, liquid-filled capsule that offers enhanced absorption.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner

Dosage is 1 capsule per day.

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