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MGO 100+ Active Manuka Honey 250g from Manuka Health is collected from a plant that is unique to New Zealand – Leptospermum scoparium.
MGO level is the level of Methylglyoxal, and refers to a very special antibacterial property produced naturally by the nectar of some manuka flowers. All Manuka Health MGO100+ Manuka Honey products have been tested and certified by independent laboratories.

It is indicated as support for digestive care, wound care, winter wellness,oral care and general well being.

Active Manuka honey works against a wide range of bacteria. This honey has also shown to provide support for the natural skin healing of many problems.

All types of honey contain hydrogen peroxide which has proven anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. However these properties can vary widely and can be destroyed by light and heat. Therefore, the anti-bacterial properties of honey in general are not always reliable.

There is one notable exception – Manuka honey. The University of Waikato\’s Dr Peter Molan discovered that some Manuka honey has consistently reliable anti-bacterial properties.

The Manuka plant producing MGO is unique to New Zealand.

You will see that Manuka honey containing MGO also has a number which indicates the strength of the MGO. An MGO rating of 100 or higher has reliable health properties and the higher the number, the stronger and more reliable it is.

Active Manuka Honey Facts

 Did you know… …

    • Active Manuka honey is found in only a few places in New Zealand – MGO is not in all manuka flower nectar
    • Some Manuka bush areas don\’t produce MGO honey every year – and theamount can vary from batch to batch and year to year
    • Every batch of Active Manuka honey is tested after packing to make sure theMGO is there


Dosage :1 teaspoon 30 mins before each meal.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner

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