PureT1, PureAir Tackle-IT, Spray Pump

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Product Description

PureAir, Tackle-it, 125ml Pumpspray, Oceanfresh

Pure Air Fish Eliminator is

• Made from natural plant extracts
• Naturally antibacterial
• Readily Biodegradable
• Alcohol Free
• Non Flammable
• Non Toxic
• Water Based

Using Pure Air Fish Eliminator

• Spray directly onto hands to eliminate fishy odours
• Can be sprayed directly onto surfaces to deodorise
• Can be used to deodorise and sanitise fishing gear
• Has a mild foaming action, can be used on fabrics
• For clothing, simply add 10-15ml to wash load or
spot clean affected area.

• Spray directly onto boat or mix 50ml into a bucket and
use as a wash down to sanitise, will not damage paint.

Pure Air Pet Odour Eliminator and PureAir Tackle-IT are Safe

Pure Air has been tested and approved by the worlds leading health and
research authorities and certified to contain non toxic
ingredients, making it completely safe.

• No nasty chemical residues
• Non toxic
• Safe around kids, and pets
• Certified readily biodegradable by OECD 301E Classification
• MAF Approved
• No protective gear is required
• Won’t damage surfaces, materials or paint

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