SCP2-E, shark cartilage powder, 250g Equine


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Product Description

Shark cartilage powder 250g for horses or other animals

Free flowing odourless fine powder. Shark cartilage powder is an
excellent source of Chondroitin Sulphate, Glycosaminoglycans
(GAG’s) and Calcium and Phosphorus. It helps rebuild damaged
joint and tendon problems by supporting regeneration of worn
cartilage in arthiritic joints.
Shark cartilage powder supports the reduction of pain, stiffness
and inflammation in the affected areas as well as increasing joint
Produced naturally from unthreatened species of sharks, contains 100%
shark cartilage without the use of toxic chemicals.
We don’t use gamma irradiation to eliminate bacterial growth.

Suggested dosage:

For an 1100 pound horse 20gm per day as an initial dose reducing to
10g per day when showing signs of being effective.
Can be mixed with several other natural products such as raw oats to
improve palatability.
Should not be taken by pregnant or nusing mares.

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